Your Email Marketing Strategy For Success

There are several email marketing strategies that have demonstrated success over the years. However, for the purpose of this blog we will focus on just one of them.
We’ll look at it in detail so that we have the clearest understanding possible by the end of the blog.
The real deal is; if you want to build a fantastic relationship with your list(s) (and you do), then the email marketing strategy below will certainly help you get there.


The Value Email Marketing Strategy


The first thing to look at is, what is value?
This may sound a little like we should skip this part because it’s a bit too simple and everyone knows this already. But is that really the case? Read on and find out.
Value to your subscribers will be things that help them move forward or solve a problem in their niche. These solutions must also be relevant.
If you’re in the pet lovers niche and your list is dog lovers, then solving the puppy peeing everywhere is a solution that has extreme value to your subscriber.
They have a problem and you give them a solution. That’s value.
Staying relevant means that in your pet lovers lists you have dog and cat owners on two separate lists. You send the dog owners dog solutions and the cat owners cat solutions.
Think of it like this. If you have a goldfish aquarium you don’t want information on how to get rid of horse mange. You would unsubscribe right off that list if they continued sending you that stuff for very long. Well, so will you’re subscribers if your solutions aren’t relevant.


Value Starts With The Email You Send Out


This is an amazingly important part of your email marketing strategy. This is in fact where it starts.
It will be easier and faster to just break these points down as a numbered list. So, here we go.
1. Your email has to be relevant to your list and to the blog post or offer you’re sending them to. And of course the blog post and or offer have to be relevant to your list as well.
2. Your email has to get to the point. No long drawn out speeches about things that will just put them to sleep. People just don’t have time anymore. If you don’t get to the information quickly then they will delete it.
3. Tell them what they are going to discover or get right in the email. Sure you’re directing them to your blog or an offer. But let them know what that is and why they should click that link. People will appreciate it and click over just because they know you respect their time and you’re not full of crap.
4. Whenever possible give a nice tip in the email. If you have a tip that’s super short that came from the post you’re sending them to then give it to them. People will like the fact that you gave them something up front and be much more likely to click and see the rest.


Value To Your Subscribers Is Sharing Only The Best

When you send people to your blog, be sure the content you’re sending them to is jam packed with superb value.
If you’re sending them to an offer, be sure to have used that product before you recommend it. Never send your list an email just to make money. Send them things you know deep in your heart will help them with their goals and the money part will take care of itself.
You may have a traditional business like a Dentist’s office or a Pizza Parlor or you could send affiliate offers to your list. Either way, only send them things you know are fantastic.
There was a Dentist who sent out a new discount plan that a sales rep sold him on. He mailed it to his patient list without having acted like a customer himself. He didn’t test it to see if it worked, had great customer service or was even real.
Well, long story short, they were a scam. many of his patients bought it and he had serious egg on his face.
Always test everything before you mail it to your list.
Always verify the information you put on your blog, so that it is only the best available. Never put out anything unless you know it’s true and real.
I know you’d never do anything like that intentionally. But if you don’t research it, then eventually it will happen.


Value Is Putting Your Subscribers Before Yourself

This might just be the best email marketing strategy of all time.
When you get ready to write that blog post or find that tool, book, video or widget that will make their life better look at the whole process from their side, not yours.
Ask yourself. Is this in their best interest or mine? If it’s in your best interest, you should rethink that strategy and not do it. If it’s in their best interest then go for it.
Truthfully, this all starts with you caring. If you don’t care about the people on your list then you should not have a list. Otherwise you’re just going to be like all the rest. You’ll reduce yourself to junk mail.
However, when you truly care about the people on your list more than you care about what YOU get out of your list, then you’ll elevate yourself to Guru status. Not that you’d ever walk around calling yourself that. No, but in the minds of the people on your list, it will be a done deal.
The easiest way to do this, is to sincerely want to help them to succeed, reach their goals and change their lives.
When you follow the email marketing strategies above, you’ll have great success with your email marketing without ever attempting to have to.