Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This!

bad-ideaThere is a big wave of hype going around right now on how to once again spam the internet. People forget that just a couple of years ago Google slapped all the marketers silly for using spam like tactics.

People’s nature is that they want the words to an old Dire Straits song to be true “Money for nothin and your chicks for free”. Well, that’s not how the real world works.

I don’t often go into writing about what you shouldn’t do. But this is so blatant and in your face wrong that I just had to speak up about it.

So, What Are They Doing?

The new hype that is being sold by so called “Guru’s” is this:

They tell you to parasite or piggy back authority sites. Now yes, the title sounds semi harmless, but let’s take a look under the hood.

What they tell you is to go find authority sites like Rebel Mouse, Amazon, EDU sites and the like and get a post on there that sticks and doesn’t get taken down.

That should be enough to alert you and make your BS meter go full tilt. You have to do a few before one sticks or in the case of Rebel Mouse you will need to pay to play because the free version won’t work.

Then they say to go buy a fiverr gig for a ton of back links and shoot them at that post you just made.
Why? Because it’s an authority site it can take the heat and your post will rank and not be slapped by Google.
Yes, in about 50% of the cases you can get a post that sticks. Then in 50% of the ones you get to stick you might get a page one ranking.

But this is not good and here’s why…

What’s Wrong With This?

There are so many things wrong here I could write a book. But just to name a few.

1. It’s unethical to say the least. It’s just chocked full of deceit. They tell you to use some really shady tactics to get a post that sticks (this is a red flag). Then, when the authority site finds them they take them down.
Does this sound like an honorable, long term and sustainable business model to you? It sure doesn’t sound that way to me.

2. Next, to get them to rank they tell you to spam them with tons of crappy links. The thought here is Google won’t slap the page because it’s on an authority site.
This is wrong in so many ways. But, once this catches on with a few idiot marketers (which it already has), don’t you think Google will make an adjustment to their algorithm to thwart it? Sure they will.

3. This is NOT a long term sustainable business. This really isn’t even a flash in the pan, this is just pure junk.
The authority sites will just ban your IP address and you’re done. Next, Google will adjust their algorithm to slap it. And finally Google will trace your IP (they know you made those posts) and cause all kinds of problems for you. Just one of which would be to slap your site that you’re linking too and then in a nanosecond you’re done and out of business.

There are of course other penalties they can apply but that’s just one.

I Just Wanted To Give You A heads Up

Don’t fall for this spam riddled garbage. Instead, study the tactics that you see on this site and build a long term sustainable business model that will take care of your financial needs long into the future.

If you make a few dollars with a junk unethical tactic like this, one day you’ll wake up and it’s all gone anyway. It’s not worth it.