The Secret To Making Money With Your Email List!

You’ve likely heard the money’s in the list so many times you may have become tired of it. But is that true? Or is that only a partial truth?
Let’s have a look at the whole story and discover where all that money really is.

Your Best Asset Online

Let’s get one thing out of the way, your email list is your number one business asset online. Why? It’s the one form of traffic that you control.

If you spend money to get traffic from banners, ads, solo mailings or other forms of advertising you don’t control that traffic. You don’t own it. You pay per click or per 1,000 impressions, etc. but you are at the mercy of many factors, not the least of which is the site, list or ad space owner.

When it’s YOUR list you own it. If you come across a super hot offer and want to get some quick commissions you can take 10 minutes, write out an email, click send and get paid.

Your list can’t be taken from you (always back it up in a safe place), it’s not subject to the whims of the company you’re buying traffic from and it doesn’t rely on Google to let you rank your site.


Sounds Great, But Where’s The Money?

emailing your listThe money is not in the list, the money is in your relationship with the people on the list. If you need to read that again while placing emphasis on the words “People” and “relationship”.

We as marketers too often forget that your list is not a bunch of robots or a group of random IP addresses, they are people. People want the same things all over the world. They crave success, recognition, respect and to be valued. These are generalities, so if you know one guy in Cleveland who doesn’t like any of those things then leave him off your list.

The undeniable proof that the money is in your relationship with the people on your list is that if everyone on your list despises you, do you think they’re going to buy from you?

Short answer: NO.

If you get an email from a guy who you feel is a snake, con artist or that always wants your money and never gives you any value then are you really waiting in line to buy from this guy?

Again, short answer: NO.

If you want your list to be responsive, buy the products you promote and send you lots of positive feedback cultivate a great relationship with them built on trust.
People don’t buy from people they don’t trust. That’s a pretty simple statement, but one you should let sink in for a minute.
If you want sales rolling in from your list gain their trust.

How To Gain Your List’s Trust

First and foremost, don’t promote offers that are junk. That sounds easy enough, but it involves more work than you might 1st imagine.
Let’s say for an example only that you promote digital products online and you are in the make money online niche.

Request a review copy of the product and read it or watch the videos 1st. If it looks like a bunch of malarkey (which most of the offers are) then don’t promote it. If they won’t give you a review copy then buy one.
If you do promote it tell your list you’ve reviewed it and here are your thoughts both good and bad. Be 100% honest, don’t attempt to sell it at all, just review it.

You’ll get the reputation that you only promote things that should by the best of your knowledge work and people will come to rely on you. As a matter of fact, people will get emails promoting an offer from others and wait to buy from you after reading your review.
Why? Because they trust you.

In another article I’ll discuss the huge part of your email success equation, and that is summed up in one word – VALUE!


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