The Power Of The List

This is going to be an amazingly effective little report for you.

You’re about to discover a massively powerful technique that will enable you to have the productivity of a work horse all while cutting the time you spend doing it down by a huge margin possibly even cutting it in half.

Yes, this is going to be super simple, straight to the point and with no filler. But in truth that’s the easiest way to understand this strategy.

Time To Become Empowered!

When you get up in the morning the first thing you do before you do anything else is make your list of what you’re going to get done/accomplish that day. Or if you’re like a few people you can do your list before you go to bed for the night or before you end your work day for your work list and before you go to bed for your personal list.

Here’s What You Do With Your List

When you’re ready to start your day you look at your list and decide what to do first. Once you get that done you cross that off your list and you instantly feel a sense of empowerment, you know you just got something done and man does that feel great.

Then, you go right to the next item on your list and tackle that.

Here’s the important part: you can’t stop for the day until every item on your list is done.

The reason this cuts down on your time to such an extent is that; normally people take quite a bit of time between tasks thinking about what to do next. This has been eliminated for you.

Next, it keeps you focused and as we all know you get more done when you’re focused than when you’re not.

Then, it naturally makes you prioritize your day. You look on your list and start thinking about the order in which you’re going to get these things done. This makes all the tasks go faster because you’re doing them in the right order.

I Prefer A Paper List

Many will make their lists on their devices such as their laptop.

I might be old school, but, I truly do prefer a paper list that I write out by hand.

I really like the feeling of taking that pen and crossing it off the list.

I know, it may not be the most modern way to do it, but I like it.

So, do it whatever way you’ll do it consistently. The biggest thing is to start today and just do it!


When you’re making your list if it’s a project where it will require 2 or more days to get it done you simply put 2-D for 2 days, or 3-D for 3 days and so on in front of it when you add it to your list. If you don’t specify that it will take 2 days or more on your list when you write the list then you must have it done by the end of the day.


This won’t work to well if you don’t have any repercussions for not accomplishing everything on your list. So, you come up with a penalty that is uncomfortable but doable.

One person I’m aware of was so inefficient and having such a hard time getting ahead that he made his penalty so that he had to donate $50 to charity every day that he didn’t finish his list. Needless to say he started finishing his list rather quickly.

You don’t have to do $50 or anything like that but your penalty could be no TV that night or no music for 24 hours or you have to tack on an extra 30 minutes to your exercise on your next session. Literally it could be anything you want so long as you don’t like it. What that means is you can’t actually enjoy the penalty.

The reason for this is simple, it’s called accountability. You need to be accountable for not getting everything done.

You can also reward yourself as well. So, as an example: when you get everything on your list done you get an extra 30 minutes of TV, or you put $20 towards your next frivolous purchase you want to make.

Then, once you go for an entire week getting everything done for each day without fail you can have a bigger reward such as going out to eat at your favorite place, going out for ice cream or something else that you enjoy.

This system of accountability will really keep you on track, but of course you have to follow it first.

This Calls For A Plan

As you have likely figured out you won’t be able to just go make your list all Willy Nilly. You will have to plan your list so that you are confident that you’ll barely be able to get it all done that day if you really work at it.

Why barely get it done? Because you don’t want to be soft on yourself and only schedule what will be easy to get done. I mean, where’s the fun in that? You want to put enough on there so that it’s going to be mildly challenging. The reason is that you’ll feel great having accomplished all those things in just one day.


The reasons this works so well and everyone who does it see’s such massive improvements in their productivity are many but just a couple would be:

  1. You force yourself to really think about and better plan out your day.
  2. You have just given yourself a method of accountability. Most people have no consequence if they don’t get their plans done for the day, you will, and this makes a huge difference.
  3. You find yourself enjoying your day and getting excited when you cross off yet another task from today’s list. This success breeds more success. You start to feel in control when you have a plan and you’re getting things done and can get that amazing instant gratification of crossing it off your list.
  4. And one of the biggest productivity boosters is that you are laser beam focused all day long. Instead of getting one thing done and wondering what to do next or having to stop and think about it you cross it off the list and immediately start on the next item on your list.

What Now?

Now the only thing left is to do it!

So, just grab a piece of paper and a pen or open a clean document, title it To Do Today and get busy making your list and getting it done.


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