The Number One Way To Create Success In The World

Success Is All In Your Mind

Getting down to the absolute nitty gritty right off the bat, whatever you believe you are with all of your heart, sooner or later you will become in actual deed.

If you believe you’re a failure then who am I to tell you otherwise.

BUT! The same goes for success. If you believe you’re successful then who am I to tell you otherwise. My point here being that it doesn’t matter what I think about you, only what you believe to be true about yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you mother, father sister, brother or friends think about you. The only thing that matters is what you think.

To be great at something you have to focus on it, because you get what you focus on the most.

So, be very slow to make decisions about what or who you want to be. But when you do, commit to it with 100% of your focus and energy, then watch how fast your life changes in that direction.

One of my all time favorite sayings that I made up quite a few years back is: “I’ve never yet seen anyone accomplish anything they truly believed they could not”.

Think about that for a moment…. If you truly don’t believe you can walk up a hill, drive a car, or invest $20 and have it make you even $1 per year in ROI then guess what, you won’t. You are the one who has to believe in you. Other people’s opinions will be all over the map, don’t worry about them. Focus on improving all the positive things you believe about yourself.

Don’t worry about what will happen in year from now or even a month. Focus on what you can do in the next 24 hours to put yourself closer to where you want to be.

It All Starts Between Your Ears

Success is a mindset.

To give you a huge quote that shows you just that, here is one by Author Steve Siebold where he’s referring to the millionaire mindset as he states:

“While the masses are fixated on the immediate results of their actions, the great ones are learning and growing from every experience, whether it’s a success or a failure, knowing their true reward is becoming a human success machine that eventually produces outstanding results.”

This is the exact reason some wealthy can go from Billionaire to none billion in debt and back to being richer than ever in the span of a few years.

They think differently.

That’s the real key. Take anyone who’s successful at anything and you’ll find that they don’t think like the rest of the people in that sport, profession or niche. They have a different mindset.

It just makes sense. If you think like everyone else how will you ever differentiate yourself from them?

The answer is you won’t.

So, think about what makes you different, what can you do better that others, then excel at it.

To put this into the context of Personal finances you should be spending a good deal of your time changing the way you think about money. You should also spend time thinking about how to make more money from side ventures or investments. The quote above show that the great money makers are focused long term. They don’t look at what they made only in the last 24 hours etc… They look at 1 year, 5 year 10 year and 20 year projections to judge whether the investment or deal is worthy of their interest.

Yes, it can be challenging to think even 1 year out if you’re having money management issues right now. But if you don’t, you may always be looking for money week to week.

This is why the site you’re on Succeed 365, is so insanely valuable. It keeps you focused on the right things. You need to read each piece of content because it keeps these high ideals and goals fresh in your mind and doesn’t let you forget what you really want. That’s what we do here, we provide you with so much value that you can’t wait for your next email to come letting you know your content has arrived on the site.

Now I’m going to tell you a hard hitting piece of truth. Don’t get mad about this, let it motivate you to change what you’re doing for the better and remember we are here to help you every step of the way and we will never let you down.

The truth is: you are where you are because that’s where you’ve decided you should be.

Where you are is the direct result of a series of small and or large actions you’ve taken to arrive here. Each of those actions started as a thought. You think about everything you do before you do it either consciously or subconsciously.

But, you may trust in the fact that a thought proceeds each of your actions and it was your past actions that brought you to where you are today.

If you want something better than where you are today then the 1st thing you must do is decide what that is. Decide where you want to be and decide who you want to be.

You can do it, you know you can. Just close your eyes and see yourself in your ideal situation. When you’re where you want to be, where are you in life, who are you? Now walk through a full day of that life in your mind.

After you’ve done that, open your eyes and get to work to create that new life. No one’s going to do it for you. Adopt the saying “if it’s going to be it’s up to me”. You need to take charge and get it done.

Now go read at least 5 posts on Succeed 365 and that’s just to get started.

Succeed 365 will teach you how to build a business either online or offline that you’ll be proud of and that can help you to create the real lasting wealth that you’ve always wanted.

The only thing left to do now is just do it!