The Law Of 100 Percent

We are all governed by natural laws, one of these being The Law Of 100 Percent.

These natural laws are not disputable, they simply are. It doesn’t matter whether we like them or not, or even that a person believes them, they simply are.

A few of these laws, so that you can see what I mean are; the law that positive thinking or right thinking equals positive results or right results. The law that Einstein proved that everything is energy, or the law that there can be only one truth about any one given thing. We may delve into that last point in another article later as it’s pretty amazing.

The Law Of 100 Percent

This law simply means that you’ll always be in constant turmoil when you have less than a 100% commitment to something. You’ll always get less than the best results when you are less than 100 percent committed to something or are giving less than 100% of your efforts.

Even if you’re giving 99% of your mental focus to something, or 99% of your efforts to it, you’ll never achieve your true potential, ideal or perfect outcome.

It’s only by giving 100% to something that you will achieve your highest purpose, your pinnacle and your greatest satisfaction.

Giving Less Than 100% Is Actually Painful

People don’t realize that they are selling themselves short and putting themselves into constant pain and turmoil by not committing to something 100%

It’s stressful when you’re less than 100% committed to something. It weighs on you constantly, eating away at you, constantly nagging at you and undermining your success.

Here are a few examples of what I mean by this:

  1. If you’re in a relationship and you know that you have strong reservations and are not 100% in, that you’re not at peace with it. You’re constantly thinking about whether this is the right thing for you, or whether you should be here or not which doesn’t lead to peace or harmony.

It’s only when you commit 100% to this relationship that you’ll leave all those draining mental questions behind and free up all that mental energy to feel the true joy of being in that relationship.

Do be careful not to commit to a toxic or bad relationship just because you want to give it 100%. There may have been a good reason you were so hesitant.

But, the thing to do to finally be rid of the stress of not being fully in the relationship, questioning it, thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t is to do or do not is to let go and give it your all.

In Star Wars Yoda said; “Do or do not, there is no try”.

The same thing can be said about life, and the relationship portion we are discussing right now.

Either be 100% committed to the relationship, or get out of it, But, don’t torture yourself and quite possibly the other person by only being in for a percentage.

  1. To lose weight or get in shape you must commit yourself to it 100% or you’ll never be truly satisfied with the results.

You’ll look in the mirror at your naked body and beat yourself up, not have the positive self-image that you really want and not feel satisfied.

This is far more draining on you to go through this every day than to just change your lifestyle and reach your goals.

You shouldn’t diet as diets are temporary and when you go off of them you’ll regain the weight and be unhappy again.

Instead change your lifestyle to one that nets your desired results and live that life 100% to its fullest extent.

In this manner you’ll be happy, never go back to being miserable and feel a grand sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

  1. Starting or running a business takes a commitment to the law of 100% as well. You truly have to be laser focused or you’ll end up a statistic. The vast majority of business startups fail because they are not 100% committed to seeing it through.

Yes, they also fail for a whole host of other reasons as well such as being undercapitalized, not having the expertise or experience in their niche that was needed or a slew of other challenges.

However, if you had to pinpoint the number one real cause, it would be that they are not giving it 100%. Many think they are, but, they work for a few hours and say they are tired and go home, they run into an obstacle and say it’s to great or they realize how much time, effort and work it’s going to take and quit.

Any of those above reasons were really that they were not committed to the project at the true level of 100%.

To Remove The Pain and Torment

There is no sense in living like this. Life without true commitment is full of indecision, beating yourself up, not reaching your potential and just plain old not being happy.

Once you realize that you’re going to die one day, that you simply cannot avoid that fact, you can then come to the understanding that; “Once you conclude that no matter what you do, it will inevitably lead to your death, you run out of reasons not to go for it” ~ Patrick Shelley

This being the case for all of us, then why on earth would you not want to commit yourself to your dreams, or things you truly want to achieve?

The answer is; there are no good reasons.

What It Means To Be 100% Committed

In ancient Japan when a man became a Samurai he realized that he was already dead and that he was simply waiting for the occurrence.

This is to say that he knew that because he chose to be a warrior that he would die in combat some day because very few if any Samurai retired.

This was unbelievably liberating!

He was now free to do only the right thing, only what honor dictated.

He had no more turmoil, all of his decisions had already been made. He had decided 100% to act within his code of Bushido. There was no strife because he no longer had to choose. He had already chosen honor above his life.

This gave him the ability to act without regret. To do what needed to be done without fear or worry. The liberation this gave his mind, body and soul were immense. Truly something the vast majority never experience.

To really understand The Law Of 100 Percent you need to be able to commit to something so fully that you will succeed at it, or die.

To some reading this what I’ve just said may seem a little bit harsh. But, is it really?

If you’re a parent wouldn’t you die for your child or children? Of course you would.


Because you’re 100% committed to them.

So, since you’ve already done this once if you’re a parent, you can imagine that you could transfer that same level of passion and commitment on to another of your goals, dreams or desires right!

This is what it means to fully understand the law of 100%.

It’s So Liberating

It’s only when we just put in up to 99% that we are in anguish. It’s so draining and hard because you’re always having to decide.

Oh, well, it’s so and so’s Birthday and so I suppose cake and ice cream won’t kill me just for one day even though I haven’t met my goals this month. I know I really shouldn’t do it, but, everyone else is and I don’t want to be the only one not doing it.

This justification is a load of crap and you know it. If you’re a parent or could imagine being in charge of a teenager then you wouldn’t accept this reason as to why they got drunk and went joy riding with that one kid they aren’t allowed to hang out with.

Think about it, you’d come unglued. You’d shoot that excuse so full of holes it could never hold water.

So why then would you accept it from yourself?

The funny thing about selling your excuses is, you’re the only one buying

Be Slow, But Be 100%

Be slow to make a commitment. Don’t rush into things based on impulse. Take your time, allow the time for study and analyzation of the situation, be a bit protracted. There is no sense in jumping into something that is doomed to fail from the beginning because you didn’t think about it properly or plan it out well enough.

Decisions need to be resolute, not wishy washy things that we just go after halfheartedly and hope they turn out well. Wishing for something won’t make it come true, you need a concrete decision and then massive action to back that up.

Here is a saying my dad used to say to me when I was but a youngster: “Wish in one hand and poop in the other one, see which one gets full faster” ~ dad and fathers everywhere.

The thought behind it is that; action, even crappy action will get you farther than merely wishing it would happen.

Then, once you are resolute in your decision, commit to it 100% and make it happen. Adopt the saying: If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!

Here’s the thing. You CAN do it, you need 100% commitment and you need to raise your level of thinking up from wondering if you can, to the level of belief I.E. ‘you know you can’.

Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

This means that it’s all up to what you believe. Your unwavering belief that you can do it will be more powerful than money or an army of workers. You’re the one who will make it happen, not them or the money.

If you lack the conviction, if you won’t do it, then who will do it for you? No one that’s who.


Now Is The Time and the Time Is Now

It’s time to decide what you want with 100% certainty.

There is a saying that I like which you may like as well, that goes: ‘Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated’ ~Unknown.

Who have you ever known to do great things that did not seem obsessed by average people’s standards?

The fact that you’ve read this article this far means that you’re not normal. That’s not just a good thing, it’s a great thing. Normal people don’t get anything done!

Oh sure, they accomplish the mundane that everyone can do. But how many of them truly commit themselves to something 100%?

Almost none.

This is where you can now instantly get a huge edge on everyone else as most aren’t willing to commit to something 100% because they don’t understand that their decision must be resolute and unshakable.

But you do!

You’ve got it, you get it and you understand it.

Please be aware that, as we spoke of, having a resolute decision  means you have to pick the things you’re willing to commit to wisely. You don’t want to commit to everything in this manner or you’ll lose focus on the few things that really matter. So, choose wisely what you focus on, be selective or you’ll focus on everything and accomplish nothing.

Narrow your focus to just 1, 2 or 3 things to start.

Once you’ve accomplished them, pat yourself on the back and then tackle the next one.

You can do it, you can feel like a hero.

That’s what it feels like to do something 100%, you feel amazing.

I want you to do a short little exercise with me right now. It will only take a few seconds.

Think about one thing that you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t matter what it is, just so long as you’ve always wanted it and you don’t have it or have not done it yet.

Ok, do you have it?


Now close your eyes and imagine what it will feel like to do that thing or to finally have it, to accomplish that long held goal.

What does that feel like?

Hold what it feels like in your mind.

Really feel it!

Now, open your eyes.

That’s what you’ll feel like when you get it or accomplish it.

You can do it, you really can.

Believe in yourself and apply The Law Of 100 Percent to it and sooner or later you’ll feel every day what you just felt for a moment with your eyes closed.