The 7 Laws Of Email Marketing That You Must Follow To Have Success!


We all want success and we want it right now. However, in truth success must be earned.

Success is a series of correct actions performed over and over again until the desired outcome is reached.

Think about the basketball player and think about the chef as examples. Both had to learn their craft, both had to practice over and over again to be considered good.

The same can be said for the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker (to quote an old rhyme). They all have to pay their dues and come up from the bottom to reach the top.

Email Marketing dudeThe exact same thing is true for the email marketer. Email marketing is really 90% testing and 10% implementation, but this could be (and should be) said for all marketing avenues. You’ll be seriously hard pressed to find a successful email marketer that doesn’t test. If you do, he usually just got lucky, but couldn’t reproduce those same results over and over again if his life depended upon it, because in truth he doesn’t know for a fact what he did to achieve the success he had.

You don’t want to be that guy. You want to be the person who can produce high level results on every campaign you touch. Well, ok, most of them. We all have a dud campaign once in a while that we know we could get into profit if we wanted to. But why spend that kind of time and money chasing a dud? Instead, just go create a new winner in half the time or less.

There are some principles you could call the golden rules of email marketing. Some call these “secrets” but really they are just the laws of email marketing. Break them and you’ll have a much harder time becoming successful.


So, without further ado, here are “The 7 Laws Of Email Marketing That You Must Follow To Have Success!”

1. Quality Traffic: You can’t expect to have a list of rabid buyers breaking down your door to give you money with cheap, untargeted, worthless, junk traffic.

This means that you must have targeted traffic sent to your landing/squeeze page that is actually interested in what you have on offer.
Get some keyword targeted traffic and test your marketing campaign by split testing your opt in page (we’ll cover testing next in point #2). A good source of traffic to test in my opinion will be Bing ads. They are much cheaper than Googles adwords and just as easy to optimize.

Why bing ads? In a word consistency. They are pretty consistent straight across the board so they remove that variable to allow you to tweak your other variables without constantly second guessing the traffic source.

One tip; test as cheaply as you can, but with quality traffic and Bing has worked well for me.

Then, once you know your profitable, scale it up with other ad sources.
2. Test Like A Madman: Here’s something to think about. If you don’t test, you don’t know what you’re supposed to do next.
You simply can’t plan the next logical step if you don’t know if the step you just took was successful or caused harm to your campaign. So, you MUST test.
One good thing is that there are only a few variables to test really.
1. Traffic (a big one).
2. Your opt in page text & graphics (another big one).
3. The relevance of your freebie. This is how relevant is the gift you are giving them for their email. Most Puppy owners don’t want Auto racing articles. Give Puppy owners a Puppy related freebie.
Test the above variables until you know each is performing and your entire campaign will perform.

4. Cost per lead VS lifetime value of that customer: You have to know if your cost to acquire that customer is worth it. If you spend a dollar to get the lead, but only make .90 cents over the life of that customer it’s not worth it.
How do you do this? Easy. You track a group of customers over their lifetime purchases with you. The fast ways to do this is find your industry average on how long people stay on lists. Then track them over 3 months to see their 3 month value. Then times that by their average time on your list. Like I said, pretty easy, but oh so important to know.

I don’t recommend tools very often because most don’t live up to the hype. But there is an opt in page landing/squeeze page builder that has built in A/B split testing that I’m not just a fan of but a raving lunatic fan of. It’s what I use every day and I love it. You need to see this thing in action for yourself, go here =>

It has a FaceBook integration as well that has got tons of great leads for me too.

3. Get Your Costs Down: Everyone knows they have to have a great ROI (return on investment) to have a profitable email campaign and getting your costs down is one of your biggest factors.

Here are a couple key points that will help.

email arrow1. Call the ad manager and see what type of deals they can give you to get your business. Or if you’re already buying from them what can they do for you to get you into better profits. If you ask, they can almost always help you.

2. Test for under performing keywords. You might have 70% of your keywords that are rocking and super profitable. And you might have 30% that are not profitable or downright money wasters. The above numbers are only an example, it could be more or less.

Don’t just look at only the profitability of the entire keyword group, but look at each keyword in the group. Cull out the under performers and you’ll raise your profits substantially.

4. Don’t Make A Frankenstein Product: This is to say; don’t spend weeks or even months making a product that only you love. Spend a day doing research and find your niches biggest pain. Then create the product that solves that problem and market it.

You’ll have so much more success than creating your own monster that cost you too much time to make and no one wants.


5. Develop Your Relationship With Your List: Everyone says the money is in the list. Nope, not 100% true at all. Your list could despise you, then they won’t buy anything and report you as spam on top of it.

Your money is in your relationship with your list. Cultivate trust and respect them. Don’t mail ‘nothing but offers’ every day. Instead, give them what I’ll talk about below in points #6 and #7.

6. Only Promote Relevant Products: When you’re constantly looking for the top products for your list that will serve them best, be sure they are relevant to thelr needs.

As an example: you have a puppy training list that you’ve built. Then you come across the most awesome product in existence on how to build the worlds best bird cage. Just because your list is a puppy list it doesn’t mean it’s an all pets list.

If you mail it, you’ll stand the chance of alienating quite a few people and maybe even getting a few replies of “say what?”.
Never be tempted, stay on target and only mail relevant offers.


7. Give Real Value: People who beat up their list don’t have a list for very long. Make sure that you’re giving your list real value. Don’t just beat up your list by mailing them offers every day.

Instead, mail them free helpful information that will really make a difference in the success of their passion or problem. Then search high and low for the very best products that will really make a difference in their lives and offer them with a review of the real world benefits of using or having that product. Be 100% honest in your review, give the good with the bad, just tell it like it is and your list will respect you.

8. Be sure to only go with the one company who has the best deliverability and who actually likes marketers. Read their TOS you‘ll see, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the other 2 big boys and they consistently out perform them on getting your email into your subscribers in box. Click Here=> The Email Marketing Company That Likes Marketers

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