How To Pick The Best Theme For Your Blog

No WordPress site or blog, or for that matter, any blog in the internet world, is complete and effective without a solid theme to support it. Blogs must have a particular theme to them and that theme should be chosen in such a way that it highlights the content of the blog and the reader is able to identify with it.


Studies have shown that the mind works best with data that has both the visual and textual formats blended in such a way that they are closely interlinked. So below we have mentioned some effective tips which can help you select the best WordPress themes for your blog:


A great theme can really set your site apart from the crowd!
1. The best WordPress themes should be picked in such a way that they relate with the mindset of your blog. The blog imagery should be relevant to your topic and should resonate with the mental imagery you would expect to see. You should choose a theme that has enough visuals, which can attract the reader to the actual content. If you fail to do so, the user will lose interest and will wander away from your website.


So if you have a blog catering to food products, choose a theme that has enough appetizers (so to speak) for the viewer to remain hungry. The graphics you choose for your theme should align with what you think a site like that should look like.


2. One thing which you should not overlook is the fact that the theme you have chosen for your blog should be simple and concise. There is no need to be outlandish in the visual department. You just need a theme that gives the reader an introduction to your content, so that he/she is tempted to read.


For that to be really effective, the best WordPress themes for this sort of purpose needs to be simple and clear so that it does not take away from your content but instead enhances it. If your art, sliders, images, icons, buttons and other visuals are to over the top your reader won’t be able to focus on your content which is your message you want to get across.
3. You must also consider the technological aspect. Not all of the best WordPress themes for your content will be compatible with all browsers. This means that you will have to hunt around for a theme that’s compatible with a majority of the popular browsers and the various mobile platforms as well. Yes, most modern themes are compatible these days, just don’t forget to make that a part of your criteria you check for just like responsiveness.


You need to take into account the fact that the users may have a lot of different platforms through which they may access your blog. You need to be sure that your theme is fully responsive so that it looks great on mobile devices, tablets, smart phones and laptops a well. If you don’t you’ll be cutting down on a tremendous amount of traffic as nearly everyone has some sort of a mobile device now.


In closing; generally you’ll find that the simpler the theme the better. Your task is to deliver content in an engaging manner. Don’t get caught up in any hype that you have to have this new gadget or that new gizmo to have a great site. It’s just not true.
Do, use images and videos to help deliver your content in a way that engages and makes sense to your reader and you’ll generally have all the special effects you need.
Not to mention the fact that most of those things hog resources and cause your site to load slower. If your site loads too slow and the hit the back button none of the hyped up junk will matter. Plus, all those gadgets break quite often. Then you have a broken site that your visitors can’t use and you have to fix.
Use the KISS rule: Keep It Super Simple. In the end you’ll be glad you did.