Hordes Of Super Fast Traffic For $10 Or Less!


We all need traffic, it’s the life blood of our sites. Without it, we basically might as well not even have a site or an offer. For what? It won’t do any good or make any sales. No sales, no income.

Now, before I jump it to the mechanics I really do need to say something important 1st.

This method can give you a landslide of traffic or virtually nothing at all. By a landslide I mean 10,000 to 15,000 laser targeted visitors hitting your site over the next 24 to 48 hours.

You’ll see below why sometimes you get a landslide and sometimes you get a trickle. It has to do with your “headline” we will call it for now.

How To Get The Traffic?

This parts so easy you won’t believe it.
twitter_birdYou’re going to be using Twitter to accomplish this. You should go set up another twitter account just for this project. So, if you have a twitter account now in your name, you should go set one up for the project you want to get the traffic too.

If the name of your site/business is Scruffy’s Dog Biscuits then name your new twitter account by the same name.

Now head on over to Fiverr. If you don’t know what Fiverr is just type Fiverr into Google and you’re going to have a micro job site come up full of people willing to do all sorts of things for $5. Hence the name Fiverr.
Type in “AddMeFast Points” in the search bar after you’ve registered for your account if you don’t ye t have one.

What you’re looking for is people who will give you a brand new addmefast account with a high number of points already on account inside your account they give you.

Also, be sure you’re the only one that can change the password.

You may see some with high numbers of points that don’t mention a new account. Click on them and read their entire add on the inside of their page.
I have found as high as 40,000 points with a new account and the delivery was in under 24 hours.

Your Website Or Offer Traffic Steps

Once you have your addmefast account, login and change your password just to be safe.

The campaigns you’re going to want to set up will be Twitter retweets and twitter favorites. Just follow the instructions to set up those 2 campaigns. I won’t bore you with how to set them up here as they are easy.

Go tweet your offer in your new account. Then capture that tweets twitter ID. If you don’t know how to do this just Google “how to find my twitter tweet id”, you’ll find it’s super easy.


Input the tweet ID into each campaign as it asks for it. As mentioned, make one campaign for retweets and one for favorites.
How Much Should I Bid For Retweets and Favorites?

Well, you can bid any number you want, but I generally go with 7 points per retweet or favorite. The reason here is they see how many points they get before they do it. You want to get as many as you can for your money, but you have to offer enough to get lots of people doing it.

So, with offering 6 I found it was pretty slow. When I offered 7 it sped up quite a bit to a good level.
Why Did The Title Say $10 Or Less When It Only Cost Me $5?


Simple; remember when I said you could have a hit or miss depending upon your title?

Well, your title is your tweet. If your tweet is not enticing enough then you won’t get very many people clicking on it to go see your offer.

However, if it’s well written and makes people want to click you can have great traffic. So, the reason for $10 or less is it might take you 2 attempts to get it right, or maybe even 3 or 4 for that matter. But, stick with it and you can have a nice big avalanche of traffic in no time flat.

So You Have Traffic NOW What?

It’s great that you now have more traffic, but it’s not the traffic, it’s what you do with the traffic that counts.

There is only one place you should be sending them and that is to get on your list, any sales should be after getting them on your list. If you’re a seasoned marketer, then you know this.

Here is a great email marketing tip. Use only the company that actually likes marketers. When you read the TOS (Terms Of Service) for the other big company it feels like they are at war with you.

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