Content Recycling Is It Good Bad Or Ugly?

You see content recycling being brought back up every few years with people on both sides of the fence. You’ll find some saying it’s good and some saying it’s bad.

So, which is it.

AND which is better content recycling or a content marketing strategy or is it a hybrid of the two?

Let’s find out.

First let’s define what each of these terms mean in general so that we are all on the same page moving forward.

Content Recycling: This is where you take your old content from your blog or other medium and repurpose it.

You might take a blog post and turn it into a slide show that you then upload to SlideShare or another slide sharing site.

You then do a screen capture video with you speaking the words as you move through the slides and upload that to YouTube.

Then you split the audio file away from the video and upload that as a pod cast or to an audio sharing site.

Content Marketing Strategy: Here you develop a strategy to determine what your market is hungry for and deliver them that content.

The Pros And Cons Of Content Recycling VS A Content Marketing Strategy

There are several positives and negatives about each so let’s have a look under the hood.

Content Recycling Pros

  1. You can re-purpose older content on your blog and get more millage out of things you’ve already written.

In essence what you’d be doing is taking an older blog post and repackaging it as mentioned above. Such as putting them into PDF sharing sites, article directories, making slide shows from them and uploading those to slide share type sites. Then making videos from the slide share by doing screen capture with a voice over.

  1. One of the main purposes for the bloggers that do content recycling is to get additional backlinks.

The theory is that you can put the post onto article directories, PDF sharing sites and others to get a link back to your site.

  1. You save time and money from having to create new content all the time to use for the above purposes.

You save either your time to create it yourself or the money that you’d pay others to do it for you. Even if you just go to Fiverr or another gig site you are still paying for it and most of that content is junk anyway. I’ve hired over 20 writers from there and only found 1 that was decent and not even one that was great.

So, if you really want great content you’ll almost always end up writing it yourself.

Content Recycling Cons

  1. In a way you’re sort of soft spamming the internet. You’re just basically uploading duplicate content to what you already have out there.

Because it’s not duplicate content on YOUR site but it’s on other sites you won’t get the duplicate content penalty at this time, unless Google changes the rules again.

That is a danger that you face doing these things. Google can get sick of people doing this and start penalizing those doing it. So, then all that effort was for nothing and you site could get slapped.

  1. You’re not really building a valuable brand. If it’s just duplicate content, where is the value for the reader. Sooner or later people will find your duplicate stuff and not have the greatest impression of you for it.
  2. The backlinks are not that powerful. Let’s face it, article directories and PDF sharing sites are not a very powerful backlink. Yes, they ARE a backlink, it’s just that Google doesn’t put much value on them and so they only have a small effect on your rankings if any at all.

Marketing Strategy Pros

  1. With a marketing strategy you’re giving your audience what it wants. You’re providing them with valuable content that they actually appreciate.

It’s super easy to come up with the ideas for what they want. You just go where the people in your niche hang out.

Go to; forums, ask sites like Quora, go to all social media, read the comments below articles written on the subject and more. Go to where your niche is voicing their concerns and asking questions. Then write the content to fix their problems and answer their questions.

  1. You build a real brand where your followers, subscribers and visitors really get a ton of value so they see you as the expert in your niche.

They see you consistently putting out great content that they love to consume and they begin to trust you. Once you gain their trust, never break it or it’s game over.

  1. You stay in touch with what’s really going on in your marketplace or niche. When you’re going to the places I listed above and also asking your email list or the people commenting on your site what they want to know, what their problems are etc… You keep your finger on the pulse of where your niches is headed and it truly helps you stay relevant.


Marketing Strategy Cons

  1. You have to work a bit more and create all that content. It can be via any media such as text, video, audio and more. But, you’ll need to create it yourself or pay someone who’s competent to do it for you.

That’s supposing that you can actually find anyone competent.

If you pay to have the content created as a part of your marketing strategy then you’ll have that expense. In content writing this old saying applies as much as anywhere, and that is; you get what you pay for.

You can find good and you can find cheap, but you can very rarely find good and cheap in one. That goes with your house, cars, clothes and just about everything.

If you’re going to pay for content, get great content or it won’t work anyway.

  1. You have to really think about what to write, make videos or talk about for audio files. Coming up with ideas is the hardest part for many people.

However, if you go to the places I just suggested above where your niche hangs out and you ask them what they want to know, then it’s actually pretty easy.

And truthfully, you’d likely have to come up with the ideas for your writers anyway.

  1. It’s more time consuming. Whether you have to direct your writers, videographers or other staff or create the content yourself it all takes time.

Time is a valuable resource. You have to ask yourself, how much of it do you have?


In my opinion.

You can do a bit of content recycling if you really feel the need.

But, the vast majority of your content should be fresh so that you’re really contributing to your niche, creating a brand and a loyal following.

As an example: go to our home page at Succeed 365 and see all the post titles. You can copy and Google them, you won’t find them all over the web, you’ll find them here, because this is where you come for legitimate information you can trust.