7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Sales

We all want to make more money from the same efforts right!

Well, increasing sales (or conversions) is one of the best ways to do that so read on…

You’re about to discover 7 free tips that can help with every single marketing or sales effort you will ever engage in. They are super simple but don’t let that fool you because simple works!1.

1. One of the 7 simple ways to increase your sales is to follow-up with customers. It may be a simple “thank you” email that includes ads for the products customer may be interested in. Such follow-up contacts can be initiated once a  month or so depending of course upon what it is you’re marketing and the frequency tone that you’d like to set.

2. An up sell is another critical component of the 7 simple ways to increase your sales. Right when a customer is at the order page just after they’ve purchased the base package, hit them with related products or an upgrade that’s on sale. Make it easy for them to add these products to the one they are buying (to their order). Many businesses cross-promote products with those of other businesses’ as part of a package deal. Both businesses in this deal offer each others’ complimentary products to customers, which creates the illusion of choice and enables customers to make a decision. The products are generally non competitive and so both companies benefit equally. One amazing benefit is that you are now both building each others lists as well. Every good marketer knows the value of a buyers list.

Increase sales and make more money, it really is that simple!
 Increase sales and make more money, it really is that simple!

3. Offer customers rebates and discounts on product purchases in return for referrals of four or more customers. This will turn a single sale into a viral and expanding list of customers. It’ can be something as simple as a 25% off card for their next purchase and they get it by referring others.

At the very least, let customers know there is an affiliate program they can join and make money by earning commissions for each referral. This will monetize referrals they may make, and will add to their motivation to talk up the beneficial aspects of the product.

4. Yet another of the 7 simple ways to increase your sales is to sell rights for reprinting and reproduction of your products. Throw in an advertisement Increase-in-saleswith each product that boosts sales for other products and reproduction rights. If your main product sells for $17 they can buy the rights to sell it for say $47. Many will take you up on the offer and few will sell any so you don’t really have to worry about competition that much.

5. While shipping or delivering a product, throw in coupons for related products included as a package. Customers can thus be enticed to buy additional products at a discount. Send catalogues that include all the add-on products related to original product that was purchased. These add-ons may be upgrades, attachments, special services, and so on. Anyone who likes the product will happily shell out more money for some extras and add-ons.

6. Allow customers to buy gift certificates, in addition to directly buying products. The original sale will be completed when the recipient brings it in, but it also gives you a new customer who may end up buying other items as well.

7. One of the most important of the 7 simple ways to increase your sales is to send customers freebies and free offers along with the product package. The freebie obviously needs to be branded with a printed ad that pushes the company’s name, brand, website, etc. These freebies can be anything from bumper stickers to t-shirts, ball caps, etc. It puts the ad in front of other people, many of whom may end up becoming customers or start a conversation with them about it and they then give you a testimonial for Free.